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Baby Love Program is a ministry conducted church-wide in conjunction with N.C. Medical Assistance Health and Human Services (local chapter), a Maternal Support Services thru Medicaid.This is an aide provided for Medicaid-eligible pregnant women during and after pregnancy (60-day postpartum period) including childbirth education, health and behavior intervention, and medical home visits.  

Coordinators, Patti and Rachel, collect requested donated items for the expectant mother and child.  Monies are collected to obtain the  items for those that rather give money for the coordinators to shop and get the goods needed.  These items are placed in a basket in which 6 are made for boys and 6 for girls. Some of the donated items stem from other ministries such as crocheted items like the baby blanket by Audrey, pictured above; and baby beanies by Debbie, pictured below.  Then the finished products are assembled with love and blessed through pray on behalf of Mother and child. 


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